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The solution of scrap metal recovery for scrap steel crusher

November 15 2022

The solution of scrap metal recovery for scrap steel crusher

Due to the impact of two high projects, production restriction, power restriction and environmental protection inspection in some areas, steel mill demand for scrap steel weakened, although the trend of finished products is good, but the scrap price is weak. But this year’s scrap iron market is still better, such as machine parts pig iron, flush iron edge material, motor iron and other scrap metal. Scrap iron crusher price is based on what to quote. The price of raw materials, input technology, equipment model, output and other factors are one of the reasons for the difference in manufacturers’ quotations.

Complete set of metal hammer mill site

The scrap metal after processing by scrap steel crusher is spherical particles or segmental metal blocks. After the scrap steel is broken by the machine, it has the characteristics of low transportation price, convenient smelting, high purity of iron and steel and stable metal composition in the recovery process. The production line is mainly used in metal scraps, scrap cars, aluminum castings and other scrap metal crushing recovery. Mainly through the heavy scrap shredding machine for pre-crushing treatment, and then through the scrap crusher for secondary crushing, and clean the surface of the paint and dirt. Dust removal equipment is used to remove light materials and dust during crushing, and then it is classified and recycled after subsequent magnetic separation, secondary separation and special screening system separation. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, good processing effect and low capacity requirement for input power supply.

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