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Metal Shredder / Hammer Mill Shredder

Input Size : Customize

Output Capacity : 200-10000kg/h

Applicable Material : Light and thin materials, Medium waste, Heavy waste, Steel bars, etc.

Product Description

Metal Recycling Machine Can shred all kinds of scrap metal, scrap aluminum, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper and other scrap metal materials. The metal shredder machine is mainly used for shredding scrap metal into small piece. The metal crusher machine is designed for a long service life energy efficiency and very low maintenance. The metal shredding machines can also be equipped with additional separating conveyor technology.

Scrap metal is one of the most valuable materials you can recycle, and it encompasses so many consumer products. From appliances to batteries to cans to clothes hangers, metal is everywhere in our homes. Recycling metal is important to not only keep this limited supply material out of landfills, but also because it can make you money.

Key equipment of metal crushing and recycling production line:

  • metal shredder

    Metal Hammer Mill

  • metal shredder

    Metal Shredder Machine

  • metal shredder

    Hammer Mill Shredder

  • Scrap Metal Shredder Sorting Line

Applicable materials:

  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals
  • materials of scrap metals

√ Iron cuttings,sheet iron, sheet steel

√ Copper cuttings, sheet copper, Steel cuttings

√ Scrap iron bar, Waste steel wire

√ Waste wire, Waste steel pipe

√ Scrap metal, Scrap iron pipe

Metal crusher is suitable for crushing scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap aluminum and other metals. The metal crusher can be scientifically customized according to the crushed materials and processing capacity.


Metal crusher hammer mill

Scrap metal crusher is the ideal solution for a wide range of ferrous and non ferrous metal applications in scrap yards and steel works. It is equipped with Hammer mill, a powerful motor, fully automatic electric control, hydraulic drive, sorting table, monitoring system,etc. ,Its widely used into iron ore ,scrap steel light metal scrap ,automobile body , bicycle , household appliance, metal barrel ,car body etc crushing ,rolling ,sorting purification ,ends to get 99.5% pure steel/iron with higher efficiency and big productivity the melting furnace to improve high metal using .


● Hydraulic adaptive feeding device.

● high strength impact crushing rotor.

● Automatic exclusion of non-breakable materials.

● super attack, swallow nesting ability, high production efficiency.

● high equipment operation rate, low maintenance cost.

● production process efficiency, low consumption, clean, high degree of automation Non-ferrous metals, steel, non-metallic automatic sorting recovery technology.

● multi-stage dust removal system, the production process clean working and environmentally friendly.

● Removing dust, paint and other impurities, to achieve "concentrate" into the furnace.


  • Scrap metal
  • Scrap metal
  • shredding effect
  • shredding effect

Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Powerkw) Production capacity (t/h) Configure auxiliary machine
PSJ-140 380V 132 2-3 1 feeding conveyor

1 discharge conveyor

1 iron conveyor

1 impurity conveyor

1 magnetic separation system

1 dust removal system

Intelligent visualization system (optional 1 set)

Set of spray system (optional 1 set)

PSJ-200 380V 200 3-5
PSJ-280 380V 280 4-7
PSJ-315 380V 315 5-8
PSJ-450 380V/10KV 450 8-12
PSJ-630 10KV 630 10-15
PSJ-750 10KV 750 12-17
PSJ-800 10KV 800 15-20
PSJ-900 10KV 900 20-30
1500horsepower 10KV 1200 25-40
2000horsepower 10KV 1500 50-60
3000horsepower 10KV 2250 60-80
4000horsepower 10KV 3000 80-100
6000horsepower 10KV 4420 100-160
8000horsepower 10KV 6000 160-200
10000horsepower 10KV 7500 200-260
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