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What is a horizontal baler?

August 05 2021

Horizontal balers are generally larger or semi-automatic machines. Material is fed into the compression chamber from the top of the baler by a conveyor belt, forklift or cyclone (which can be requested in higher quantities). This type of horizontal baler is more suitable for packaging with a large amount of waste recycling, and the output is between 1 ton and 15 tons per hour. Undoubtedly, a horizontal baler can help you reduce the cost of human capital, packaging, handling, transportation, and other logistics costs, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of waste recycling. In special cases, such as briquetting machines, you can also compress solid fuel if the material allows.

Horizontal balers can be continuously fed through manual or automatic conveyor belts, resulting in significant labor savings. Horizontal balers reduce transportation costs by increasing the carrying capacity of recycled materials and make the waste easy to transport.

Because the horizontal baler pressure range can range from 20 tons to several hundred tons, horizontal balers can be widely used in many industries, such as cardboard, waste paper, fiber, plastic, wood chips, peanut shells, etc. Materials. The high capacity of the feeding capacity makes the horizontal baler the ideal choice for large-scale waste recycling. Faster and more efficient horizontal balers are the first choice for waste utilization and waste recycling sites.

There are many options for horizontal balers, from single bag balers to fully automatic horizontal balers with conveyors. Xrido recycling machinery offers a full range of hydraulic packaging machinery options to meet your scrap recycling needs.

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