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Compaction technology in solid waste treatment process

February 21 2023

Compaction is a pretreatment technology that reduces the volume of waste, reduces transportation costs, and prolongs landfill life. Compaction is a commonly used pretreatment method for solid waste, such as automobiles, cans, plastic bottles, etc. Generally, compaction treatment is used first, and it is suitable for compaction to reduce the volume of solid waste. It is not suitable for compaction treatment. Some wastes that may cause operational problems, such as tar, sludge or liquid materials, are generally not suitable for compaction. deal with.

The site of the twin shaft shredder sent to Indonesia

The core equipment in the solid waste disposal process includes twin-shaft shredders, briquetting machines, conveyors, etc.

The main products of XRIDO Environmental Protection Technology are solid waste disposal equipment. After years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both software and hardware strength in the machinery industry. Successfully conquered customers from many countries and regions around the world.

Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024