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Crushing technology in solid waste treatment process

February 23 2023

In order to reduce the shape of the waste entering the incinerator, landfill, composting system, etc., the solid waste must be crushed in advance. The crushed waste, due to the elimination of large gaps, is not only uniform in size, but also in texture Also uniform, compacted during the landfill process. There are many crushing methods for solid waste, mainly including impact crushing, shear crushing, extrusion crushing, friction crushing, etc. In addition, there are also proprietary low-temperature crushing and mixed crushing. The most widely used and most effective solid waste shredder is the shear shredder. For landfill waste and compost waste, it is more effective to apply the spiral roller shredder.

copper wire recycling equipment sent to Israel

The core equipment in the solid waste disposal process includes twin-shaft shredders, briquetting machines, conveyors, etc.

The main products of XRIDO Environmental Protection Technology are solid waste disposal equipment. After years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both software and hardware strength in the machinery industry. Successfully conquered customers from many countries and regions around the world.

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