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Complete set of metal hammer mill site

April 24 2022
Complete set of metal hammer millComplete set of metal hammer mill

Applicable materials of Metal crushing production line:

1,waste aluminum, aluminum parts, cans, broken bridge aluminum, wheel hub, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy,

2,copper aluminum water tank, radiator, oil filter element, rotor and other aluminum metals are broken and sorted;

3,Scrap iron and steel;

The whole Complete set of metal hammer mill is composed of feeding conveyor, crusher host, discharging conveyor, magnetic separation conveyor, separating conveyor, dust removal and operation cabinet.From the metal crusher out of the broken material, through the belt conveyor, magnetic sorting system, the iron metal and non-ferrous metal and non-metal separated, and sent out by their respective conveyor stacking.Non-ferrous metals and non-metallic objects on the conveyor will again be searched by magnetic separation equipment, the free iron metal objects are picked out, so as to improve the recovery of iron metals, at the same time through artificial selection of non-ferrous metals, can improve the recovery efficiency.

Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024