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Multiple uses of Xrido metal crushing equipment

October 11 2022

Multiple uses of Xrido metal crushing equipment

Complete set of metal hammer mill site

A multi-purpose and high-efficiency metal crushing equipment produced by Xinruide Environmental Technology. The basic principle of hammer blowing is that driven by a high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer heads on the rotor of the main machine take turns to hit the objects to be broken that enter the cavity, and the objects to be broken are broken through the space formed between the lining plate and the hammer head. Tear into sizeable pieces. The effective recycling and utilization of scrap metal resources can greatly reduce the consumption of natural mineral resources, and achieve the purpose of reducing land occupation, reducing total social energy consumption, saving investment, protecting the ecological environment, and improving labor efficiency, especially in natural mineral resources. Exhausted and increasingly scarce today.

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