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The Help of Xrido Scrap Crusher for Scrap Processing

October 04 2022

The Help of Xrido Scrap Crusher for Scrap Processing

Installation site of waste steel crushing production line

It is internationally recognized that the practical means to improve the quality of scrap steel is to use the scrap steel crushing production line to process scrap steel to obtain pure scrap steel. However, because the steel crushing production line is a large-scale equipment with complex manufacturing technology and high production cost, the operating equipment is mainly concentrated in economically developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan. Fewer attachments. Since the hammer heads are alternately staggered when hitting, it produces a tear-like effect, and the inclusions in the scrap steel will easily fall off.

Metal crusher equipment series include: scrap metal crusher, can crusher, paint bucket crusher and other metal crushers. Driven by my country’s infrastructure construction, the demand for various sand and gravel materials has increased sharply, providing a place for stone crusher equipment.

Product Features of Metal Crusher:

1. It has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise and wear resistance.

2. The volume occupied by chips can be greatly reduced, and chips can be fed continuously or intermittently.

3. The horizontal double-roller chip pulverizer can make the drying, briquetting, smelting, crushing, pre-treatment and transportation of chemical fireproof materials simple and easy.

4. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and small discharge particle size.

5. The machine drive device is equipped with electrical protection, which can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by unexpected failures. 6. Chips can be fed continuously or intermittently.

7. The use of the horizontal chip pulverizer facilitates the subsequent processing of chips, effectively reduces the volume of chips, and saves storage space.

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