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Sorting technology in solid waste treatment process

February 27 2023

Solid waste sorting is an important means to realize solid waste recycling and reduction. Through sorting, the useful ones are fully selected and utilized, and the harmful ones are fully separated; the other is to separate wastes of different particle sizes. , the basic principle of sorting is to use the differences in certain properties of materials to separate them. For example, use the magnetic and non-magnetic differences in the waste to separate; use the particle size difference to separate; use the specific gravity difference to separate, etc.

Twin Shaft Shredder Sent to South Korea

According to different properties, various machines can be designed and manufactured to sort solid waste, including manual sorting, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic sorting, eddy current sorting, optical sorting, etc.

The core equipment in the solid waste disposal process includes twin-shaft shredders, briquetting machines, conveyors, etc.

The main products of XRIDO Environmental Protection Technology are solid waste disposal equipment. After years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both software and hardware strength in the machinery industry. Successfully conquered customers from many countries and regions around the world.

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