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Bulk waste disposal system

August 06 2021

Bulk waste disposal system

Large pieces of garbage broken sorting system for the professional design of large pieces of garbage, mainly for sofas, mattresses, furniture, wardrobe and so on broken, sorting, capacity reduction.After the processing of large pieces of garbage can be re-valued.


The solution of heavy garbage crushing and sorting system: conveyor + crusher + iron remover + dust remover.To solve the transport problems, broken materials can be recycled to achieve resources.

The conveyor or loader transports the large pieces of garbage to the crusher, crushing the large pieces of garbage into smaller sizes, separating the iron from the iron, and separating the metal wire, iron sheets, etc. Other materials are transported by the belt conveyor to the pile or directly sent to the garbage truck, the whole production line is equipped with a professional dust control system to realize the rapid transfer of garbage, effective capacity reduction, reasonable classification treatment.


At present, this method of application has a wide range of applications and has been widely used in major cities around the world.

Small footprint, a large amount of processing, good sound insulation effect, no waste liquid and gas emissions. The site selection of the processing center will not affect people due to noise, such as leaving, community, and school. After simple crushing, volume reduction, and magnetic separation, the system can directly enter the jib arm box or be transported to the garbage disposal plant in the compression vehicle.


Small footprint,large amount of processing,good sound insulation effect,no waste liquid and gas emissions.

Discard at will,inconvenient to collect and transport,fill in sapce and hard to recycle..

Convenient transportation, volume reduced by 80%.

Convenient handling and reduced material size

Metal separation, recycling

Bulk waste disposal system
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