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Full Automatic Baler and Eddy Current Shipped

July 18 2023

Waste packaging equipment and eddy current shipped

Waste packaging equipment and eddy current shipped

Full automatic hydraulic baler is a kind of specialized equipment for waste paper, plastic, carton board compression and packing in waste treatment and waste recycling industry, It can maximize the realization of the light materials waste compression and packing, reduce the space and shipping cost. And it can minimum the investment and operating expense, and significantly reduce the cost of waste transportation and storage, improve the operation effect of the enterprises. The technical level of the equipment has reached the leading level in China, easy to use with high automation.

The Eddy Current Separator is used widely in the recycling industry to either recover or remove non-ferrous metals from non-metallic materials. Different designs enable the separation of small (down to 3mm) and large non-ferrous metals. The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) utilises magnetic forces to physically repel non-ferrous metals and enables separation from non-conductive materials. The eddy current separator is often supplied as part of a metal separation module with a first-stage drum magnet removing ferrous metals.

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