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Introduction of medical waste shredding machine

November 25 2022

Introduction of medical waste shredding machine

Bouble Shaft Shreder

Medical waste shredding machine has a large number of recyclable raw materials in it, recyclable waste including paper, metal, plastic, glass and so on, through comprehensive treatment of recycling, can reduce pollution, save resources. For example, every 1 ton of waste paper can be recycled to make 850 kilograms of paper, save 300 kilograms of wood, compared with the same amount of production to reduce pollution 74%; 07 tons of secondary raw materials can be obtained for every 1 ton of plastic beverage bottle recycled; For every 1 ton of scrap steel recycled, 09 tons of steel can be refined, saving 47 percent of the cost compared with ore smelting, reducing air pollution by 75 percent, and reducing water pollution and solid waste by 97 percent. The recycling of these household wastes is a difficult problem in front of us. We Ding Wang environmental protection machinery production of medical waste shredding machine, also known as shear shredding machine, through cutting, tearing and extrusion to reduce the size of the material. My factory’s shredding machine is after many years of research and practice, and according to the actual domestic situation to improve research and development, roll out mature technology and advanced design of shredding machine series, for our household garbage recycling in the early crushing, capacity reduction processing to provide reliable quality equipment.

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