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The way medical waste is disposed of

November 29 2022

Medical waste refers to waste that is directly or indirectly infectious, toxic and harmful in the course of medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities of medical and health institutions. Medical waste is divided into five categories: infectious waste, pathological waste, injurious waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste.

Bouble Shaft Shreder

Because medical waste itself has special properties, it needs special treatment to eliminate its harmfulness and danger. No matter which method is used, the first step of medical waste disposal requires the use of medical waste shredding machine to crush the material. At present, the commonly used medical waste disposal methods at home and abroad are as follows:

1. Sanitary landfill method. Sanitary landfill method is to bury garbage into the ground, through the long-term decomposition of microorganisms, so that it is decomposed into harmless substances.

2. High temperature incineration method. Incineration treatment is a chemical process of deep oxidation. Under the action of high temperature flame, the medical waste in the incineration equipment will be transformed into residue and gas through the three stages of drying, igniting and incineration. The sources of infection and harmful substances in the medical waste can be effectively destroyed in the incineration process.

3, high pressure steam sterilization. The principle of pressure steam sterilization treatment is that medical waste runs for more than 20 minutes under high temperature and high pressure technological conditions, and the pressure steam penetrates the inside of the object, so that the protein of the microorganism is solidified and denatured and killed.

4. Pyrolysis method. Pyrolysis is the process of using the instability of organic matter in waste, heating distillation under the condition of no oxygen or hypoxia, so that organic matter produces thermal cracking, and forms various gases, liquids and solids after condensation, from which fuel oil, grease and gas are extracted.

5, chemical disinfection method. The essence of chemical disinfection method is to mix the broken medical waste with a certain concentration of disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite, peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde, ozone, etc.), and ensure that it has enough contact area and time with disinfection agents, organic matter will be decomposed and microorganisms will be killed in the disinfection process. Large contact between disinfectant and medical waste is the premise to guarantee the treatment effect.

6, microwave disinfection treatment. Microwave disinfection technology is a new medical waste treatment technology, but it is still limited to small batch, intermittent treatment of medical waste, can not meet the requirements of large batch, continuous treatment of medical waste.

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