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The role of waste paper shredder

November 22 2022

The role of waste paper shredder

The carton shredder solves the problem of recycling and processing packed carton briquettes, and is the hero to solve the problem of reusing waste cartons. All kinds of waste cartons, cardboard, corrugated paper, paper tubes, paper tubes, cartons, paper boxes, cardboard, cardboard, yellow cardboard, hard paper, kraft paper, coated paper, book paper, waste books, newspapers, document paper Waste paper such as waste paper, paper packaging bags, etc. is a common waste paper resource. Its cleanliness is very high and waste carton resources can be directly recycled. It is usually collected in a centralized manner and sent to paper mills for recycling and processing in a unified package.

Bouble Shaft Shreder

All kinds of scrap paper are quickly shredded into uniform small pieces by the carton shredder to facilitate the later papermaking beating process. New paper products can be produced after neutralization by adding various chemical materials, and waste cartons or their waste paper resources The production of new products is of great help to reduce papermaking costs, papermaking pollution and energy consumption. For example, using waste cartons to produce paper shells can directly reduce papermaking pollution. Papermaking wastewater can be reduced by 75%, which can directly save customers’ papermaking costs by 45%. , not only brought huge trial benefits to customers, but also greatly helped to reduce the waste of wood resources in our country and promote the development of sustainable resources. It can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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