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It is easier to recycle the large waste after disposal

March 21 2023

The shredding machine commonly used in the market before is mainly used to deal with waste metal, waste film, waste plastic, waste tire, equipment used to deal with large garbage is rarely seen, but now there is equipment used to deal with large garbage, large garbage crusher is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of large garbage treatment, mainly for the unified collection of large garbage, Then in the centralized processing, it can reduce the volume of waste, conducive to back-end disposal.

double shaft shredder

Bulky garbage crusher adopts alloy tool, tool hardness and toughness are compatible at the same time, but also has resistance, wear, tool hole and main shaft are adopted hexagonal design, can realize the uniformity of tool force, ensure the continuity of production work. The spindle of large garbage crusher has strong impact resistance after conditioning treatment. After tool wear of large garbage crusher, it can use tool smear-welding repair technology, which realizes the reuse of tools and reduces the maintenance cost.

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