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How to recycle plastics commonly found in solid waste?

March 23 2023

Plastic can be seen everywhere in life, has become a necessity of life, a variety of plastic products in full view of the reason for this situation is mainly because the raw material cost of plastic products is low, processing technology has been relatively mature, variety, and use time is long, so it has been applied in many fields, but the waste plastic is eliminated because of the recycling problem, Has become a problem.

double shaft shredder

At the beginning, people used landfill and incineration as recycling methods, but with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the disadvantages of such treatment methods have been exposed, so now encourage and advocate relevant departments to use modern technology to recycle waste plastics, in order to reduce the requirements of environmental pollution.

XRIDO plastic shredding machine has low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics, using PLC control system, automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function. After plastic shredding machine treatment of waste plastic, can enter the next process to become a new raw material, fundamentally reduce the waste plastic recycling process brought by pollution.

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