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Medical waste shredder installation site

December 27 2022
Medical waste shredder installation siteMedical waste shredder installation site

Medical waste shredder is excellent for medical waste disposal, and many have been installed in numerous hospitals and high-volume commercial processing plants throughout the world due to their ease of use, high durability, dependability, power, and cost-effectiveness. Slow speed, high-torque stationary shredders easily reduce the toughest medical grade materials ranging from fabrics to glass, plastics, and stainless-steel instruments and more, so you have high versatility and can adapt easily to several different specific applications at will. These shredder machines even reduce bulky autoclaved waste destined for landfill by as much as 70%, rendering all materials to a non-reusable and unrecognizable state. With specific applications ranging from single bag processing to high volume autoclave cart batch loading, XRIDO® can help you find the right solution for your business.

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