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Double Shaft Shredder

Input Size : Customize.  Output Capacity : 100-20000kg/h

Product Application : Solid waste disposal industry

Applicable Material : Industrial waste, Domestic waste, Scrap metal, Medical waste, Solid waste, Plastic, Wood, Bulky waste, E waste etc.

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.

Product Description

The Double Shaft Shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, and is suitable for shredding thick and difficult materials, such as: electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, etc. There are many kinds of recyclable materials, and the shredded materials can be directly recycled or further refined according to demand. Suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, household waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, papermaking and other industries. This series of double-shaft shredders have the characteristics of low speed, high torque and low noise. It adopts PLC control system and can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control.

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.  Please leave your contact information and look forward to meeting you.

Everything can be shredded

Applicable Double Shaft Shredder Material:

  • rubber waste

The Double Shaft Shredder adopts dual-shaft independent drive, so that during production, the material is pressed accordingly, and the automatic feeding function is achieved. There will be no phenomenon of shaft wrapping or jamming of the equipment, thus improving the production efficiency. The equipment is suitable for the crushing of various tough and viscous materials.

Waste crushing, sorting and recycling system:

The solid waste disposal system can be customized according to the actual materials. Solid waste disposal system Solid waste disposal system


1. All kinds of hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic buckets, iron drums, packing boxes, packing drums;

2. Used household appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell;

3. Pipe material: large pipe, pipe fitting and PE pipe;

4. Used templates: wooden pallets, plastic pallets and forklifts;

5. Used tires: car tires, truck tires;

6. Scrap metal: automobile housing, aluminum alloy, scrap cast aluminum parts, engine housing, lead and steel plates with thickness below 5mm;

7. Cooking garbage, living garbage, RDF derivative, medical waste, biological orange pole, garden garbage;

8. Glue head material, paper mill rope.


  • Waste Material of double shaft shredder
  • Waste Material of double shaft shredder
  • Waste Material of double shaft shredder
  • Waste Material of double shaft shredder

Discharge particle size can be customized.


1.Feed hopper: Put the material to be crushed, so as to prevent the material from splashing out;

2.Double shaft cutting system:Using different blades according customer's materials;

3.Power system:We choose famous brands of motor in China, can also be configured according to customer needs;

4.Discharging conveyor system:It adopts independent power system, and that power system is integrally fixed on the shredder by bolts, so that the power system can be integrally drawn out.

Main equipment of solid waste disposal production line:

  • metal shredder
  • Double Shaft Shredder
  • metal shredder
  • Double Shaft Shredder

Details of double shaft shredder

  • shredder blade
  • shredder blade
  • shredder blade
  • shredder blade


1, High performance, strong powerful and high speed crushing.

2, Motor with overload protection device.

3, Supply chain environmental protection system, ensure safe operation.

4, Easy disassembly design, convenient clean-up and repair.

5, Minicomputer with a four-wheel for easy mobility.

6, More than 20HP plastic crusher is equipped with cooling system.

7, Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of plastic, particulary for various hard plastic, e.g. blow molded products and shoel last.

Technical Parameters

Model Power (KW) Rotating speed (r/min) Dimensions L/W/H(mm) Crushing cavity size C/D(mm) Diameter of knife body (mm)
XR-56 15+15 6-20 2800×1300×1850 600×500 220
XR-58 18.5+18.5 6-20 3000×1300×1850 800×500 220
XR-710 30+30 6-20 3300×1900×2200 1000×700 320
XR-812 37+37 6-20 3600×2000×2200 1200×800 400
XR-815 45+45 6-20 4180×2100×2400 1500×850 450
XR-918 75+75 6-20 5800×2400×3300 1800×900 500
XR-1020 90+90 6-20 6400×2700×3500 2000×1000 600
XR-1522 110+110 6-20 7800×3200×3800 2200×1500 800

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