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Treated bulky waste is more conducive to recycling

July 27 2023

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of urban residents and the gradual upgrading of consumption concepts, the frequency of furniture replacement is getting higher and higher. Instead, more and more bulky waste such as waste furniture and waste household appliances are being discarded. , but at present, the supporting facilities for the collection, transportation and treatment of such wastes are not perfect in China, which will not only have a bad impact on the appearance of the city, but also cause troubles to the daily work of sanitation workers.

double shaft shredder

In the past, the common shredders in the market were mainly used to process scrap metal, waste film, waste plastic, and waste tires. It is rare to see equipment for processing large-scale domestic waste, but now there are The oversized waste crusher is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of oversized waste disposal. It mainly collects oversized waste in a unified manner and then processes them in a centralized manner. It can reduce the volume of waste and facilitate the back-end processing. .

The bulky waste crusher adopts alloy cutting tools, which are compatible with hardness and toughness, and also have wear resistance. Both the inner hole and the main shaft surface of the cutting tool adopt a hexagonal design, which can realize the uniformity of the force on the cutting tool and ensure the production work. continuity. The main shaft of the large-size waste crusher has strong impact resistance after quenching and tempering treatment. After the tool of the large-size waste crusher is worn, the tool coating and welding repair technology can be used to realize the repeated use of the tool and reduce the maintenance cost.

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