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Double shaft shredding machine by virtue of what advantages make it popular

May 08 2023

In the waste resource recycling industry, the Double shaft shredding machine can meet a variety of different waste recycling requirements, suitable for shredding thick and difficult materials, such as: electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, plates, etc. There are many kinds of recyclable materials, and the materials after shredding can be directly recycled or further refined according to demand. Suitable for industrial waste recovery, medical, therapeutic recovery.

double shaft shredder

Double shaft shredding machine adopts Double shaft independent drive, so that in the production, the material produces the corresponding pressure, to achieve automatic feeding function, unique, special tool shaft structure and four corners rotary tool, in the production process of low speed and high torque, there will be no winding, or stuck equipment phenomenon, so as to improve the production efficiency, the equipment is suitable for all kinds of toughness, high viscosity material crushing. And the following advantages of the Double shaft shredding machine make it popular:

1, the equipment for single-shaft shredding machine powder of large metal material, basket material, pipe, plate, wood, tire, large roll film can be broken;

2, special, thick plate precision machining of the combination structure frame, large Angle hexagon column strong rotation axis, large caliber solid into the hopper, so you can be assured to put large raw materials;

3, in the thickness, shape, arrangement and other aspects of the design and processing of unique, special rotary knife, strong shear force, sharp blade, can achieve strong crushing;

4, PLC control, processing material is too much, with positive and reverse operation and shutdown function to protect the body;

5, low speed operation, low noise, less dust;

6, the tool is made of alloy steel, strong and easy to use.

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