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Medical Waste Crushing Plant

Applicable materials:Dedicated for medical waste shredding

Medical Waste Crushing Plant

Medical waste is waste generated in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, animal clinics, blood banks, dental clinics or home health care, which may be contaminated with blood, body fluids or other infectious substances. Medical waste is first disinfected using microwave, steam or other means, then reduced in size using a medical waste shredder and then landfilled, recycled or made into fuel.


Fully automated, easy to operate and maintain

FStrong and sturdy housing which can last for over 10 years without maintainace

FWear resistant blades ensure the optimized shredding performance

FAdvanced design of discharging system to avoid falling of the waste and spreading of the odor

FHigh efficiency and high productivity

FProven reliable and endurable by the market

Main equipment of medical waste disposal system:

  • metal shredder
  • Medical Waste Treatment Machine
  • Medical Waste Treatment Machine
  • Medical Waste Treatment Machine

Applicable Medical Waste Shredder Material:

  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste

The XRIDO® industrial shredders efficiently reduce bulk medical waste up to 80%. They cut storage and disposal costs, while aiding in the safe disposal of waste. The shredders can be configured according to your center’s specific output at any required particulate size.


  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste
  • Medical waste

Discharge particle size can be customized.


Model Voltage Powerkw) Production capacity (t/h) Configure auxiliary machine
PSJ-140 380V 132 2-3 1 feeding conveyor

1 discharge conveyor

1 iron conveyor

1 impurity conveyor

1 magnetic separation system

1 dust removal system

Intelligent visualization system (optional 1 set)

Set of spray system (optional 1 set)

PSJ-200 380V 200 3-5
PSJ-280 380V 280 4-7
PSJ-315 380V 315 5-8
PSJ-450 380V/10KV 450 8-12
PSJ-630 10KV 630 10-15
PSJ-750 10KV 750 12-17
PSJ-800 10KV 800 15-20
PSJ-900 10KV 900 20-30
1500horsepower 10KV 1200 25-40
2000horsepower 10KV 1500 50-60
3000horsepower 10KV 2250 60-80
4000horsepower 10KV 3000 80-100
6000horsepower 10KV 4420 100-160
8000horsepower 10KV 6000 160-200
10000horsepower 10KV 7500 200-260
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