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Plastic Waste Shredder

Input Size : Customize

Output Capacity : 400-60000kg/h

Product Application : Waste plastic regeneration industry

Applicable Material : Mineral water bottles, PET bottles, machine oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic buckets, plastic trays, plastic baskets and other plastic products.

Product Description

The waste plastic generated can be recycled through shredding, washing, and subsequent granulating, thus producing a reusable recycled material. Aside from recycling, plastic waste can be used for energy generation after shredding.

Our shredder were developed specifically for the processing of plastics. They deal effortlessly with all kinds of plastics, ranging from PP/PE plastic film, big woven bags, plastic buckets, PET bottles and hollow parts to post-consumer and production waste.

  • Head Material

    Head Material

  • PP/PE Film

    PP/PE Film

  • Woven Bag

    Woven Bag

  • Plastic Bucket

    Plastic Bucket


Waste PP/PE film

Plastic head material

Plastic woven bag

Plastic bucket


Plastic Shredder is driven by the independently double-roller.During the production the material will be pressed accordingly for automatic feed.During the production process of low speed and high torque,there is no spindle entanglement,or jammed equipment,thus improving the production efficiency, the equipment is suitable for various waste paper products crushing .


1, High performance, strong powerful and high speed crushing.

2, Motor with overload protection device.

3, Supply chain environmental protection system, ensure safe operation.

4, Easy disassembly design, convenient clean-up and repair.

5, Minicomputer with a four-wheel for easy mobility.

6, More than 20HP plastic crusher is equipped with cooling system.

7, Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of plastic, particulary for various hard plastic, e.g. blow molded products and shoel last.


  • shredding effect
  • shredding effect
  • shredding effect

Technical Parameters

Model Power (KW) Rotating speed (r/min) Dimensions L/W/H(mm) Crushing cavity size C/D(mm) Diameter of knife body (mm)
XR-56 15+15 6-20 2800×1300×1850 600×500 220
XR-58 18.5+18.5 6-20 3000×1300×1850 800×500 220
XR-710 30+30 6-20 3300×1900×2200 1000×700 320
XR-812 37+37 6-20 3600×2000×2200 1200×800 400
XR-815 45+45 6-20 4180×2100×2400 1500×850 450
XR-918 75+75 6-20 5800×2400×3300 1800×900 500
XR-1020 90+90 6-20 6400×2700×3500 2000×1000 600
XR-1522 110+110 6-20 7800×3200×3800 2200×1500 800
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