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What Can Plastic Shredder Do For Our Used Home Appliances?

January 04 2022

In daily life, we use home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, etc. The shell materials of these home appliances are made of PVC, ABS and PP common. As the usage rate continues to rise, the scrap rate of electrical appliances also gradually rises, and scrap electronic products are also like other plastic products-non-degradable materials, relatively large-scale waste materials.How can it be recycled and reused? Let me introduce to you.

The resource materials that need to be recycled in home appliances are not only plastics, but also electronic parts: such as circuit boards, display screens and metals in TV sets. Then we need to sort these materials by manual or equipment. Next, we put the electronic casing into the Plastic Shredder and the entire production line uses equipment to crush the materials.


The plastic shredder production line needs to include a screw feeder, save labor, and evenly transport materials; use a washing and bleaching tank to clean plastic and metal materials, and use a large plastic shredder to process the sorted materials Crush and use a spin dryer to remove water; use a vertical heating mixer to dry and stir; to crush and dry the plastic particles,and these cleaned plastics can be selled.

The above is a brief description of the production line program included in the electronics and plastic shredder. Xrido Machinery produces plastic shredders, double-shaft shredders, metal shredders, etc. We will provide one-to-one installation service and supporting solutions. Welcome to inquire.

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