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The Tips Of Metal Shredder

January 04 2022

1,what is metal shredder?

The metal shredder is a machine that crushes scrap metal materials. According to different materials, it can also be called a scrap iron crusher, a can crusher, a scrap steel crusher, a paint bucket crusher, etc. These are general equipment for metal crushers. Equipped with a qualified production line device for the metal crusher is a perfect set of metal crusher production line equipment.

2,working principle of metal crusher

Metal crushing is a processing method in which scrap steel is crushed by a crusher, and the crushed steel scrap is sorted by a sorting system to obtain pure steel scrap. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of a high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the crusher takes turns to hit the scrap steel into the cavity. Under the action of strong impact, the scrap steel is torn and squeezed into a certain size of crushing. After the steel is processed by the sorting equipment, crushed steel with higher purity can be obtained.

3,the advantages of metal shredder

The metal shredder is reasonably configured, has a generous appearance, and is precision-casted with high-tech materials, which is strong and durable. The size of the feed inlet can be changed according to the needs of the user, without returning the material anddangerous.

4,use field of metal shredder

wide range of application: In addition to crushing scrap metal, it is also suitable for the crushing of materials such as wood, waste paper, plastic, straw, automobile tires, copper and household garbage cans.

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