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RDF Briquette Machine ( Biomass Pellet Machine )

Input Size : Customize.

Applicable Material : Solid Waste, Biomass, Wood Sawdust, Coconut Shells, Garbage Derived Fuel, Waste Paper, Cow Dung Manure, Paper, Waste Clothes, etc.

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.

Product Description

The RDF Briquette Machine can press wastes into briquettes by high-speed compression. Increase the proportion of biomass, extend the burning time, and facilitate storage and transportation. The machine is consisted of forming system, outlet, heating ring and control cabinet.

The raw mateirals can be waste solid waste, biomass, wood sawdust, garbage derived fuel, waste paper, cow dung manure, paper, waste clothes, etc.

The finished cube briquette is easy to storage and transportation. Widey used for heating stove, power plant and biogas fermentation. The finished briquette shape can be shape or round.

CA70 is our location at the 14th Indonesia Waste & Recycling 2024 Expo & Forum.  Please leave your contact information and look forward to meeting you.

RDF Briquette Production Process:

RDF Briquette Machine

Biomass Pellet Production Process:

XRIDO can provide the complete turnkey project biomass wood pellet production line, from design to install . Whether you want to produce wood pellet, sawdust pellet ,rice husk pellet, EFB pellet ,grass pellet or organic fertilizer pellet, the capacity is 1-100TPH can be choose.

biomass pellet machine

Finished product display:

  • biomass pellet
  • biomass pellet

Applicable Press Machine Material:

  • biomass


  • Waste paper

    Waste paper

  • Waste cloth/textile

    Waste cloth/textile/leather

  • Plastic waste

Advantage of Press Machine:

1.Reasonable structure,simple operation,high efficiency production and reliable use.

2.This machine is suitable for molding of biomass fuels, It is an important device for the green environmental protection industry.

3.With the advanced feeding device and ring mold technology improvement, the discharge rate is faster under the premise of 100% forming rate. The increase of the discharge port makes the production cost lower under the same employment. The special design principle reduces the original power consumption by more than 50% and improves the output.

4.Molding die has a high temperature preheating function, a wide range of applications, and low moisture requirements for the material.

Details of Press Machine

  • shredding effect

Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Pellet size(mm) Dimension(mm) Weight
XRD-YK600 55kw 0.8-1ton/h 32*32*50-100 2800*1350*1800 2800kg
XRD-YK800 75kw 1.5-2ton/h 32*32*50-100 3500*1900*2200 3800kg
XRD-YK1000 110kw 2-3ton/h 32*32*50-100 3700*2100*2200 4800kg
XRD-YK1200 200kw 4-6ton/h 32*32*50-100 4700*2750*2600 16000kg
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