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Garbage shredders can solve the problem of disposing of old furniture

April 20 2023

Large garbage crusher can be used for large sofa, mattress, furniture, wardrobe and other shredding and reduction. Shredding process mainly includes shredding – screening – iron removal – air selection and other processes. In this way, 60% wood, 10% metal, 10% sponge, 20% cloth leather and other waste furniture can be separated and recycled as resources.

Solid waste disposal equipment

In fact, these large things are misplaced treasures, as long as after the early shredding disposal of large garbage crusher equipment, it can play a new value in another identity. As the name suggests, the large garbage crusher is mainly aimed at the material is waste furniture, take waste sofa, mattress and other large materials unchanged transportation, large garbage crusher can effectively solve this problem.

The equipment has the advantages of uniform discharge, controllable size, etc. According to the size of the material, customers can choose the model, the use of “double motor + double planet reducer”, strong power, high operation stability. It is often used in urban solid waste disposal, resource regeneration, waste incineration pretreatment and other environmental protection fields. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shear force, good shredding effect, small noise, good stability and so on. In addition, the equipment is equipped with magnetic separation to separate waste wood, and metal, more conducive to the later recycling.

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