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Large garbage shredding machine in the installation of what details

April 18 2023

Large garbage shredding machine is mainly used for crushing rough and hard garbage, reduce its volume, save space, easy transportation, recycling, such as building materials, waste furniture, electronic waste and so on. Large garbage shredding machine has the characteristics of saving transportation costs, saving landfill costs, recycling after crushing garbage and so on. So what are the details of the large garbage shredding machine when it is installed? Here we will tell you about the installation of large garbage shredding machine details, I hope to help you.

Bulky Waste Shredder

Before the installation of large garbage shredding machine, wiring problem is a basic and important problem, first of all, choose the right circuit, check whether the circuit is normal, to ensure that the shredding machine works normally. In addition to the switch of the large garbage shredder, other switch knives should be installed, which can be used to cut the circuit directly in case of problems.

Installation needs to be fixed, to ensure that there is no loose, if the need for large garbage shredding machine installation is not fixed, long-term production is easy to lead to large garbage shredding machine weak. With the increase of shredding time, the loosening of the shredding machine becomes serious, the vibration also increases, the noise of the shredding machine is more and more loud, and the service life is shorter and shorter.

In order to further ensure the normal operation of large garbage shredding function, after installation, the empty machine must be tested. The right way is to open the shredding machine, if no abnormality is found after a few minutes, it shows that there is no problem with the installation of the shredding machine, shredding machine can be immediately put into production.

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