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Household waste crusher to change the traditional way of waste treatment

March 30 2023

With the increasing production of household garbage, the composition of household garbage has become increasingly complex. The disposal of such garbage will not only occupy a large amount of land, but also destroy the landscape of the city, pollute the environment of people’s living day by day, and also pose a continuous threat to human health.

double shaft shredder

How to change the traditional way of waste treatment and reduce pollution to a less extent has always been something we are considering. XRIDO Household waste Crusher changes the traditional linear economic flow mode of “resource-product-waste” and forms the closed-loop flow growth mode of “waste-product-re, raw resources”. The waste generated in the process of people’s production and life is brought back into the recycling process of human production and life, and converted into useful material products.

This is the development model of circular economy, the high degree of material shredding, shredding technology has higher requirements, life waste shredding machine long-term stable operation needs to use good quality alloy tools, as well as the overall higher reliability of machinery. This type of shredding requires the machine to handle both rigid and ductile materials, such as metal and plastic. The crusher is driven by planetary gear reducer, the cutting tool is made of high strength alloy steel, has the characteristics of high strength.

Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024