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What exactly is the use of the recycled straw?

March 28 2023

Straw is generally crushed by biomass shredding machine.What is the use of recycled straw? Many people only have a half-understanding or not clear, so let’s study it together!

1. The traditional treatment of straw is to return the straw to the field. Returning the straw to the field can balance and supplement soil nutrients, which is one of the effective methods to improve the soil.

double shaft shredder

2. Straw treatment is often seen in the countryside as feed for cattle and sheep, but now in some large-scale breeding plants, the straw is transformed into a palatability, high nutritional value of feed after ammonia, silage, kneading and other treatment.

3. Straw, as a renewable and raw resource, has long been carried out at home and abroad a variety of technical studies on the utilization of straw energy, such as straw fermentation biogas, straw direct combustion heating, straw combustion power generation, straw compaction, straw carbonization, and has been widely used.

4, straw manufacturing board, straw contains a large number of organic components, and wood has great similarities, and straw manufacturing board strength is high at the same time, but also has the advantages of prevention, water, fire prevention, moisture-proof, less than artificial board formaldehyde release, more popular with people in comparison.

These are the uses of straw recovery, although the industrialization of straw resources although to be improved, but it is a short-term investment, but long-term, benefit project, in many local relevant departments are quite supportive, so interested, you can consider investing in straw recovery.

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