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The wood shredder reuses old wood

April 04 2023

With the development of the wood processing industry, the waste wood produced is increasingly numerous. All walks of life in the production process will have some wood waste left, and these things are garbage in some people’s eyes, but so much garbage will bring great burden to our earth, and in our eyes, these things are treasure. By means of technology, we can skillfully turn waste into treasure, make proper use of it, and reduce the burden on our planet.

double shaft shredder

Wood shredding machine is able to cleverly turn these waste wood into treasure and reuse it. At present, about 80% of waste wood is crushed by wood shredding machine, and these crushed materials can be reused, such as paper, power generation, bedding, feed, fertilizer, organic mulch, sawdust board, particle board, fiberboard, medium fiber board, Buddha incense, mosquito coil incense, insulation, edible fungi, furniture, tables, chairs and so on.

Many wood products can use the materials produced by wood shredding machine to replace logs for production and manufacturing, and the appearance of wood shredding machine just makes up for the defects of our wood resource recycling waste, the waste wood through the treatment of wood shredding machine can be put into production again for continuous use, This can not only maintain the surrounding living environment but also bring a considerable income.

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