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How wide is the material used by xrido scrap crusher?

November 01 2022

Steel scrap crusher can be all kinds of automobile cabin, small thin briquetting, motorcycle, bicycle rack shelf, refrigerators tin, tin TV, washing machine, iron, tin cans, paint bucket, cans, caigang watts, skin of pipe wall thickness under 8 mm all kinds of scrap steel, this equipment is usually equipped with magnetic separation device to remove the impurities in the steel scrap, Processing into steel mill demand qualified charge.

Installation site of waste steel crushing production line

The whole squashed or unsquashed car with or without an engine; Light material with low density of 1t/m3 after shearing or packing; The thickness of the plate is less than 6mm, the width is less than 2.6 meters, and the length is not more than 5 meters. Household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and so on. It is used to hammer the scrap steel crushing, in the crushing can be the surface of the rust, paint and other surface dirt separation, and then under the action of magnetic sorting device, the scrap iron and steel mixed non-ferrous metal, plastic and rubber and other non-metallic waste separate heap. Not only can obtain pure broken steel, but also can manually select the recovery of non-ferrous metals. The bulk density of broken ingot, billet and similar pure broken steel can reach about 1.2t/m3, which is an ideal charge for electric furnace steelmaking.

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