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How efficient is the large piece waste shredder?

October 25 2022

How efficient is the large piece waste shredder?

pieces of waste refer to the waste materials with large volume and strong supervision, which need to be separated and re treated. It mainly includes waste sofa, waste day bed heat, waste day idea cabinets, and other waste furniture and construction and decoration waste areas. Now the labor and transportation costs are very high. Only ordinary workers can meet the needs of the collection and transfer of large pieces of waste. After the treatment station is installed with a large piece of waste shredder, these materials are broken into small and large ones.

The site of the twin shaft shredder sent to Indonesia

1. At present, the current domestic large pieces of waste treatment status, the treatment efficiency of domestic waste treatment equipment is mainly related to two factors, namely, the type of incoming materials Feed rate. If it is a bed, it will be 1.5 * 1.8m in size.

2. The equipment is powered by a double 55kW motor. The theoretical power consumption is 110 degrees per hour. After 5 hours of operation, it will consume 380 degrees of electricity. On average, the cost is less than 80 yuan per hour. Three book carriers are required for manual work, namely, two are responsible for the loading before the wife is crushed, and one is responsible for the mechanical loading after the crushing.

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