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Integrity management, Strength creates brand

January 11 2022

The dual-shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, and suitable for shredding thick and difficult-to-break materials, such as: electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, etc.

There are many kinds of recyclable materials, and the shredded materials can be directly recycled or further refined according to demand. Suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, household waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, papermaking and other industries. This series of double-shaft shredders have the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. It adopts PLC control system, which can be automatically controlled, and has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control.

The dual-shaft shredder adopts dual-shaft independent drive, so that during production, the material is pressed accordingly, and the automatic feeding function is achieved. There will be no shaft winding or jamming of the equipment, thus improving the production efficiency. The equipment is suitable for the crushing of various tough and viscous materials.

Xrido main products include solid waste disposal equipment, renewable resource equipment, and sand and gravel equipment. With years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both software and hardware strengths in the domestic machinery industry. Conquer customers in many countries and regions around the world.

Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024