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Recycling renewables

August 05 2021

When talking about renewable energy, the topic of waste does not often appear. With the pressures of climate change and the urgency to find alternative energy resources, there may be some hesitation to discuss the possible negative impacts of renewable energy and instead focus on the many benefits.

However, to ensure that renewable energy is utilized in a truly sustainable way, it is essential to find solutions to their disposal.

Waste-To-Energy Plants

Waste-to-energy plants take the process of waste incineration and use it to generate energy. Waste-to-energy plants also referred to as WTE plants, have the potential to create a cyclical life cycle by converting industrial waste into energy. While most often used to process municipal solid waste, waste-to-energy companies can also transform renewable energy waste into electricity.

While waste-to-energy plants may present a potential solution to renewable energy waste, there is controversy over whether this process can be considered truly sustainable.

When it comes to transforming incinerated waste into energy, it is important to clarify what kind of waste is processed. For example, if the majority of waste is organic, such as food waste and diapers, the WTE plant may produce more carbon dioxide than fossil fuel plants. However, if the incinerator is only processing fossil-fuel derived products, like plastic, they tend to release half the carbon dioxide of a standard coal plant. As a solution to renewable energy waste, WTE plants are a more sustainable option than disposing of waste in a landfill.

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