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Tire shredder shipment to Philippines

December 01 2023

Applicable Material : truck tires, engineering car tires, Bicycle tires, motorcycle tyres, car tires, OTR tyre

Rubber shredder is driven by the independently double-roller.During the production the material will be pressed accordingly for automatic feed. During the production process of low speed and high torque,there is no spindle entanglement,or jammed equipment,thus improving the production efficiency, the equipment is suitable for various waste rubber products crushing .

Tire shredder shipment to Philippines

Tire shredder shipment to Philippines

Output After Tire Processing

  • Tire derived Fuel tdf

    Tire Derived Fuel(TDF)

  • rubber particles

    Rubber Particles

  • Rubber Powder

    Rubber Powder

  • Steel-Wire

    Steel Wire

Our company will participate in the 14th Indonesian Exhibition in 2024