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What is the daily maintenance of the high-voltage switchgear in the double-shaft shredder?

January 31 2023

The electrical appliances used in the double-shaft shredder involve transformers, high-voltage switch cabinets, electric control cabinets, power distribution cabinets, circuit systems, motors, etc. These devices generally do not require regular maintenance like wearing parts, so they will be maintained during equipment maintenance instead. The daily maintenance of the high-voltage switchgear in the double-shaft shredder includes the following aspects:

function of the double shaft shredder

1. Regular daily inspections to check whether the connecting bolts in the cabinet are loose.

2. Clean up the dust and dirt inside and outside the double-shaft shredder cabinet once a year, tighten the conductor connecting bolts, add lubricating oil to the circuit breaker and other operating mechanisms, and do a high-voltage preventive test for annual maintenance.

The operating load of the double-shaft shredder is high. In addition to the wearing parts, the electrical equipment with a long service life will have a certain degree of aging and oxidation under long-term work, which will have a certain impact on production and hidden safety hazards. , It is also essential to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the electrical system in time.

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