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Maintained of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet and central signal screen in the double-shaft shredder

February 09 2023

The electrical appliances used in the double-shaft shredder involve transformers, high-voltage switch cabinets, electric control cabinets, power distribution cabinets, circuit systems, motors, etc. These devices generally do not require regular maintenance like wearing parts, so they will be maintained during equipment maintenance instead. The daily maintenance of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet and the central signal screen in the double-shaft shredder includes the following aspects:

double shaft shredder

1. Check and verify the accuracy and reliability of each ammeter and voltmeter of the double-shaft shredder every year. Check each insulation every month for damage and moisture. Whether the connection of protective earth is reliable.

2. Check whether the auxiliary circuit terminals and connectors are firm and reliable every month. Check every month whether it is in normal working condition and whether the signal indication is accurate. Check whether the DC screen battery is normal, check the liquid level and measure the specific gravity if necessary.

3. Check the auxiliary circuit components every month, including instruments, relays, control switch buttons, protective fuses, etc. to see if they are normal. Clean up the dust and dirt inside and outside the cabinet once a year, tighten the wire connection bolts, and check the aging of each lead wire.

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