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the role of Xrido waste copper wire recycling equipment

September 27 2022

Waste recycling – the role of Xrido waste copper wire recycling equipment

copper wire recycling equipment sent to Israel

Among all metals, copper has good regeneration performance, and copper’s excellent recycling characteristics make it a resource that can be reused. Copper recycling to produce copper is not only economical but also energy-saving. Compared with the production of primary copper, it can save energy by 80%-90%. The recycling of copper can not only effectively utilize natural resources, but also be conducive to environmental protection. It produces high value and is beneficial to environmental protection. Many people see business opportunities from it. These waste wires and cables with extremely high copper content, waste miscellaneous wires, automobile wires, waste copper wires, etc., if they are recycled, it will produce Great economic benefits.

Product advantages of Xrido waste copper wire recycling equipment

1. The overall combined structure, which combines the equipment on a platform, has a compact structure, small footprint, convenient movement and transportation, and increases the flexibility of the equipment;

2. Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, simple operation, only one operator is needed in the whole process, no complicated installation is required, and it can be used after power on;

3. The sorting system adopts multi-layer high-precision sorting, frequency conversion control, and the sorting rate can be as high as 99%;

4. The crushing system adopts high-strength alternating cutter shaft, which has high crushing efficiency. The cutter is made of special alloy material and has a long service life;

5. The return system makes the semi-finished product carry out secondary crushing, which ensures the complete separation of metal and non-metal;

6. The operation process of the equipment is closed, and the bag dust removal and air filtration system are attached to ensure the loss of materials and dust emission, and effectively control the dust.

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