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Large garbage shredding machine to meet customer needs and highly favored

April 13 2023

Large garbage shredding machine is a kind of solid garbage shredding machine, widely used, mainly used in household garbage, large garbage, electronic waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste and other solid waste, especially suitable for garbage shredding. Large garbage tearing machine is equipped with wedge or gasket adjustment equipment, wedge equipment is equipped with adjustment bolts, when the adjustment bolt pulls up the wedge block, the wedge block will be pulled out from the fixed wheel, that is, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger, the size of the discharge becomes larger.

double shaft shredder

Large garbage shredding machine is specially developed for large waste treatment industry shredding capacity reduction equipment, this series of products using low speed high torque design, CE certification, with large shear force, good shredding effect, low noise, high stability.

Large garbage shredding machine is mainly used for shredding and processing waste mattresses, sofas, tables and chairs, garden branches, waste wood and other large garbage. The material size after shredding is uniform, easy to transport, transportation, resource reuse, incineration power generation and other terminal processing, is the core equipment to solve the problem of low value solid waste treatment.

Large garbage shredding machines of different specifications use different tools when processing various materials and raw materials, and the number, material and shape of tools are also different. Large garbage shredding machine used tools can be disassembled and replaced, in recent years, large garbage shredding machine has become a key equipment, can meet the shredding requirements of different materials, so it is favored by users.

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