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What is the function of the double shaft shredder?

January 06 2023

The double-shaft shredder is a kind of solid waste volume reduction mechanical environmental protection shredder equipment. It is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or leftover materials to make them smaller in size. It is improved according to the actual situation in China, researched and developed, and the technology is mature. And the advanced design of the double-shaft shredder series provides reliable quality equipment for the early crushing and volume reduction treatment of waste recycling in my country.

function of the double shaft shredder


1: In the waste resource recycling industry, the double-shaft shredder can meet various waste recycling requirements, and is suitable for crushing electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, etc. materials. A wide variety of recyclable materials can be directly recycled or further processed as required. Suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronics manufacturing, support board manufacturing, wood processing, household waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, paper industry, etc. Function

2: The double-shaft shredder can reduce the size of various solid waste materials through shearing and tearing. Its structure is mainly composed of shredding blade group, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, and power system, which are convenient for transportation and reuse. The size of the output material can be adjusted according to user requirements. No harm, low noise, low energy consumption and strong practicability. Suitable for industrial waste, municipal solid waste, electronic waste, waste household appliances and other hollow recyclable materials.

Among them, the conveyor can directly put waste into the machine, and through the rotation of the blade, the waste can be turned into small pieces or granules for recycling, which not only saves costs, but also protects the environment. Shredder equipment plays an important role in resource regeneration.

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