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What are the materials suitable for shredding by the double shaft shredder?

January 06 2023

The double-shaft shredder can reduce the size of various solid waste materials through shearing and tearing. Its structure is mainly composed of shredding blade group, carrying box, box bracket, feeding system, and power system, which is convenient for transportation and reuse, and the output size can be adjusted according to user requirements.

materials suitable for shredding by the double shaft shredder

The shredder has low speed, low noise and high torque, and is equipped with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical overload protection. The use cost is low. The machine is designed and manufactured to prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the use and maintenance costs of the equipment. The machine is easy to operate, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost and economical. Among them, the blade of the shredder uses an intermeshing blade refined from high alloy, which has a good shredding effect on high-hardness materials.

The double-shaft shredder is used in a wide range of fields, and is suitable for crushing various metal materials such as cans, paint buckets, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, scrap iron and aluminum, scrap iron briquetting, color steel tiles, iron sheets, straw, waste cloth, etc. Agricultural materials, industrial waste. The hob of the shredder is easy to maintain. Due to the structural size limit of the overall structure, the hobs of the shredder are large, medium and small. The hobs of the shredder are all assembled structures, and the damaged hobs can be replaced separately.

The double-shaft shredder is fully controlled by PLC, easy to operate, and can be automatically reversed to prevent material clogging. The shredder is driven by a geared motor, which saves electricity compared to the can crusher. The shredder has a strong structure and densely distributed stiffeners to ensure the strength of the box.

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