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What are the maintenance of the double shaft shredder?

January 10 2023

You may not be unfamiliar with the twin-shaft shredder. Due to its high use efficiency, it can effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise, so the double-shaft shredder is understood and accepted by more and more enterprises. So in daily use, how to maintain and maintain the double shaft shredder?

The site of the twin shaft shredder sent to Indonesia

For the double-shaft shredder, it should be operated by a special person, and other personnel cannot operate it at will. The purpose of this is to avoid equipment damage or some safety accidents caused by improper operation. It should be operated according to the operation instructions of the double-shaft shredder, and it should not be overloaded blindly. When abnormal noise is found in the double-shaft shredder, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. The blade of the double-shaft shredder can directly affect the shredding efficiency and shredding effect, and can be said to be an important part of the machine. The blade of the double-shaft shredder has a sharp and sensitive edge, so it needs to be carefully maintained during the movement, installation and disassembly of the blade to prevent the alloy head from being damaged. During the daily maintenance and maintenance of the double-shaft shredder, attention should be paid to the regular cleaning of the blades. The nut must be moderately tight. If the saw blade is too loose, it will slip when rotating and cutting. If the saw blade is too tight, it will have internal damage or deformation and affect cutting, so the normal operation of the blade must be guaranteed.

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